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Rename photos by EXIF Timestamp, Date

Posted — Sep 26, 2009

Something beside the usually blog entries…

After the my last surf holidays in September 2009 I had a problem with my two cameras… Sony Alpha 200 and Pentax Option W60. Both got different filenamings and right now I’ve never seen a camera where you can fully design the filename format.

While I worked with windows, years ago, I used a app named ‘Joe’,.. but port a windows app to Linux.. no thanks 😉

The name of (one) solution is exiv2!

Installing exiv2 on debian based systems:

sudo apt-get update
apt-get install exiv2


Launch a terminal, go to the dir where the photos are located

cd /home/per/Documents/Portugal2009

Rename them:

exiv2 mv -r "%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S_My_Name" *

Before: IMGP0078.JPG

After: 2009-09-03_16:54:42_My_Name.JPG